My Best Online Shopping Experiences

I’m no stranger to online shopping. In fact, I love online shopping! I would say that 60% of my shopping is done online because I’m too lazy to go to the mall. There are also a number of reasons why I prefer online shopping. One of the main reason is – I don’t have to meet any grumpy salesperson following me around, giving me the evil stare and muttering to themselves when I don’t buy anything in their store.

I personally have had really good experiences shopping online. Being someone who values good etiquette, I feel extra happy when I come across sellers who actually go the extra mile to make their store stand out among other sellers.

Online businesses can get very competitive because customers have a wider variety to select from. Therefore, those who offer the cheapest price with the best quality usually surpass those of average price and quality. Since products can be shipped to and from anywhere in the world, people can find almost everything they need online. It is a competitive industry as online sellers have to compete with hundreds or thousands of other sellers who are selling the exact same thing, probably at a much cheaper price than them.

So how do they ensure that customers choose them and actually return in the future to purchase more from them?


I believe every customer appreciates good service when buying a product. Nobody likes having to buy something from someone who looks like they could eat you up if you don’t buy something from them after looking around the whole store.

Some time before Christmas last year, I was browsing online for Christmas gifts and came across some really cute costume jewellery on Zalora. So I clicked on the item and added it to my cart along with other stuff. About 4 days later I received my package and in my package, there was a note stuck to my order.

Shirleen Note


It wasn’t anything fancy but the small note made a big difference to my purchase. She included her namecard which had a link to her website and instagram account. I took some time to browse her page and found so many beautifully handcrafted jewelleries at really reasonable prices! You can even customize your own jewellery the way you like them and it was perfect for me cos I love customized gifts!

As customers we look for a sense of satisfaction in every buy. When products fit your expectations – good quality along with efficient processing and delivery, that’s when you have a happy customer. However, when products fit a customer’s expectations AND in addition, the seller makes an effort to include a small “thank you” note or gift with your purchase, you get a satisfied customer! As I am a strong believer in the school of gratitude, I have the tendency to go back to sellers who seem appreciative of you buying from them. Even if at times the product may be of slightly inferior quality compared to those by other sellers, or the price is slightly more expensive, I wouldn’t mind spending the extra penny because of the good service I get in return. I’d still buy from one who shows more appreciation towards their customers.

Shirleen 2nd purchase w note


This was my second purchase and a few days ago I made a third purchase, a customized farewell gift for a colleague, which should be on its way in the mail now. Shirleen is super creative and has so many ideas for gifts. Even if you do not have an idea of how you would like to customize your accessories, she would gladly offer suggestions and do up samples to help you decide. So far I loved all her suggestions!

Here’s her webpage and Instagram link if you would like to check out her designs for yourself.

Another encounter I had was with this company that sells board games and such. It was through the 11Street site. I saw some friends playing the game Beware of the Dog. Ah… Here’s a picture of it.

dog    * Picture extracted from *


Thought it was quite a fun game for nights out with friends and decided to look for it online. I tried 11street cos I always find what I need there and true enough I found it. There were a few sellers offering the same item for sale. I picked one and read the reviews. Customers gave really good reviews and so I checked out with my item. That evening itself I received a notification that my item had already been shipped out. I was impressed with the efficient processing and quick delivery.

A day later, my purchase arrived! This company stood out because of its efficiency in processing my order but I was even more impressed with the little gift that came with my order.


This was the note from the company. I thought it was really sweet of them to take time writing a “thank you” note for their customers.


Free gift game

The free gift which I got in my package. A clip to seal open, unfinished packs of food. There was also a mini children’s whistle but I forgot to take a picture of it.

This is the kind of service which I truly appreciate from sellers, not because I want free gifts, but somehow it makes me feel that my purchase is more valued by the seller. It may just be a small note of thanks but I appreciate that the seller actually took her time to write out her thanks even though I merely purchased a small toy. THIS, to me, is distinctive sales service.

The name of the company is called XL Plus Size. You can visit their webpage here, or contact the number stated in the “thank you” note above for more info.

I’ve always told myself that if I had my own business, I’d make sure the people who come into my store leave with a smile on their faces. Nothing beats knowing that your product and good service played a major part in their smiles.. As for the two stores that I mentioned above, this will definitely not be my last time buying from them, because with their creativity and willingness to be different, they won me over.


And now….


We have an egg-cited boy who can’t wait to unbox his new game!